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Trigger Me – Live In-Studio


We decided to film a few songs while in the studio. This is a live-off-the-floor version of our song “Trigger Me” from our first album “On Being and the Affect…”.


Back in the Studio

Guess who’s back in the studio?


Afterimage Out Now!

We are so happy to announce that our new album Afterimage is out today. You can pick up a copy here:

We started writing the album several years ago, some of the songs dating back almost as far back as our first record On Being And The Affect… . More so than anything else, our goal was to release something that we felt best represented our growth as a band, which is a process that couldn’t be rushed. We chose to record the album ourselves so that we had time to experiment and let the songs develop as they needed to. Many parts were re-written and re-recorded throughout the process until we had refined the album to something we were truly happy with.¬†Afterimage is us exploring the kind of band that Recovery Child could be, and though not everything made the grade, we learned a lot about ourselves and this band by taking the journey. Be sure to check out the videos on our YouTube page to see some of the making of.

Afterimage was originally conceived as a full-length album, not an EP like it is now. We started with 14 songs… we recorded 12… then at the eleventh hour we decided to break the album into two EPs so that we could release more music throughout the year. We vowed never to go as long as we had without releasing more music. The “sister EP” to ¬†Afterimage is due out in early 2012 but for now you can enjoy the fruits of our labour in Afterimage.

Thank you everyone for you patience and continued support.


Bury Your Words – Live In-Studio Acoustic Version

We spent a day in the studio recording some acoustic tracks. At the end of the day we put up one mic in the middle of the room, gathered around it and played. Gord – who is also a guitarist – had written a really cool 12-string guitar part for Bury Your Words. This is what came out.

The Mellotron

A mellotron is one of the coolest instruments ever made. It’s a keyboard that’s considered to be the first sampler and was made famous on The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”. They’re pretty rare to come by now because of how delicate they are, however, we used a software version (GForce’s M-Tron) which worked really well.

We used a mellotron on our first album On Being And The Affect for the strings in the closing song “Weaker Than”. The mellotron’s strings are more haunting that real strings, which is more appropriate for our music. On our new record we used the mellotron even more. Here’s a clip of us using the mellotron’s flute sound (a la “Strawberry Fields”), on our song “Live It Out”.

Recording "Moments Not Worth Remembering"

One of the songs on the upcoming record is a solo acoustic tune recorded “live”. Most songs are recorded in layers – drums, then bass, then guitars, etc. – but this song was record with just Ryan and a guitar… and a lot of mics. Here are some photos!

The Mando-Guitar

Our song Leaves uses a really cool instrument called a Mando-Guitar. It’s not rock ‘n roll to look at but it has a haunting sound that’s unlike anything else.