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Bury Your Words – Live In-Studio Acoustic Version

We spent a day in the studio recording some acoustic tracks. At the end of the day we put up one mic in the middle of the room, gathered around it and played. Gord – who is also a guitarist – had written a really cool 12-string guitar part for Bury Your Words. This is what came out.

The Empress SuperDelay

This is a cool short video for the guitarists out there. This is some swirly goodness coming solely from Ryan’s Empress SuperDelay. It’s such a cool pedal.

Pedals & Guitars

The new record furthered our love affair with guitar pedals. Here’s just a sample of some that we were using…

… And of course, we love guitars…

Ryan Writing Lyrics

Here’s a cool pic of Ryan in the studio finishing up some lyrics.

For guitarists out there… check out the cool original 60’s Ampeg Gemini II that Ryan is sitting next to. The reverb and vibrato on that thing are incredible.