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Trigger Me – Live In-Studio


We decided to film a few songs while in the studio. This is a live-off-the-floor version of our song “Trigger Me” from our first album “On Being and the Affect…”.


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We now have a account now where we’ve been posting shorter, lo-fi videos. There’s currently some cool acoustic vids worth checking out…

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Ryan Interview

Here’s an interview with Ryan talking about Recovery Child’s growth into their second album “Afterimage”, and how their approach to the writing process differed.

Trigger Me – Live

We give ourselves creative liberty when playing our song “Trigger Me”, so much so that the breakdown of the song can be unpredictable (in a good way).


We’ve been added to AUX TV, an incredible channel that’s really pushing music on TV in an age when very few stations are. Check us out here:


SXSW Tour Time-lapse


2600km from Toronto to Austin, then back again. This is a time-lapse showing parts of our trip, including Arkadelphia to Memphis, Nashville to Dallas, and drinks with our good friends Frankie Whyte and The Dead Idols in Austin.



I Will Defend

It’s official: I Will Defend is the first single from our new album Afterimage, which will be released on September 13th, 2011. Since we know that you’re bursting to see what we’ve been up to, here’s the music video for I Will Defend. For a free download of the song, go to our Facebook page!


Bury Your Words – Live In-Studio Acoustic Version

We spent a day in the studio recording some acoustic tracks. At the end of the day we put up one mic in the middle of the room, gathered around it and played. Gord – who is also a guitarist – had written a really cool 12-string guitar part for Bury Your Words. This is what came out.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

A Lo-Fi Lookback

This video surfaced on the internet. It’s from a show sometime in 2006 where we’re playing the now-closed Reverb. The quality of the video isn’t good at all but it makes up for it in energy. This video captures what lies at the core of the band.

That Time We Made A Music Video.

Yes, we know that we haven’t actually released the music video yet, but here’s a great shot from the shoot.

The Mellotron

A mellotron is one of the coolest instruments ever made. It’s a keyboard that’s considered to be the first sampler and was made famous on The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”. They’re pretty rare to come by now because of how delicate they are, however, we used a software version (GForce’s M-Tron) which worked really well.

We used a mellotron on our first album On Being And The Affect for the strings in the closing song “Weaker Than”. The mellotron’s strings are more haunting that real strings, which is more appropriate for our music. On our new record we used the mellotron even more. Here’s a clip of us using the mellotron’s flute sound (a la “Strawberry Fields”), on our song “Live It Out”.

The Empress SuperDelay

This is a cool short video for the guitarists out there. This is some swirly goodness coming solely from Ryan’s Empress SuperDelay. It’s such a cool pedal.

The Mando-Guitar

Our song Leaves uses a really cool instrument called a Mando-Guitar. It’s not rock ‘n roll to look at but it has a haunting sound that’s unlike anything else.

How Wide Awake Has Changed.

Wide Awake is one of the few songs that has been around since before our first record, On Being And The Affect. We had always loved the energy but it just didn’t make the cut when we were trying to decide what songs to record the first time around.

When we started prepping for our upcoming album, we knew that we had to record Wide Awake or else it would likely never get recorded. However, when we started laying down the tracks in the studio, we kept hitting snags. The first was an intro that was too long. We militantly cut it. The next issue was that the bridge was too long. It lost it’s energy because it lacked direction, so we cut it down to a quarter of the length. The next complication was that when we went to record the main guitar part – the part that sparked the entire song in the first place – it just wasn’t sitting right in the song. We tried our best to be objective and settled on the fact that it just wasn’t a great guitar part. Weeks went by until we wrote something that we were happy with… a delayed chaos that is one of the most aggressive parts of our new record. You’ll understand the moment you hear it.

The new album won’t be out for a little while, but for now, here’s a video of the original Wide Awake in all it’s unedited glory.

Bury Your Words – Live at The Opera House

Recovery Child Video Montage

Here’s a look back on some of our favourite show moments caught on video.