Recovery Child


Greg Backlit


Recovery Child Acoustic Set In Prague, CZ

Live @ Lee’s Palace, Toronto

Here’s some photos that were taken from our show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto on November 30th, 2011.

The Opera House… Long Ago

We just came across these old photos from the Opera House in Toronto and thought that we’d share!

That Time We Made A Music Video.

Yes, we know that we haven’t actually released the music video yet, but here’s a great shot from the shoot.

SXSW Look Back

It takes about 27 hours to get to Austin, TX from Toronto. It’s a long drive, especially when you b-line it there in two days. It was completely worth it though. Austin during SXSW is the most musically receptive place that we’ve ever been. There are thousands and thousands of people there, every one of them present for the music.

We got to be around other amazing Canadian bands like Mother Mother, City and Colour, Dinosaur Bones, Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols, Royal Canoe, Lindi Ortega, Imaginary Cities etc., and get some vitamin D by shedding our winter parkas. It was also wild seeing our posters all around the main strip. Grassroots marketing at its best.

On our way back north we stopped in Memphis, TN, to take in some southern fare at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken, and the take a tour of Sun Studios. Sun Studios!! The birthplace of rock n’ roll.

After Memphis, we headed to Louisville, KY, where we were welcomed with open arms by the fine folks at The Rudyard Kipling. They know how to treat traveling bands! We were well fed and well drank. It was the perfect atmosphere for our very first acoustic set.

… But that only came after an impromptu rehearsal in the parking lot out back…

Then it was off to Pittsburgh, PA, and NYC. Arlene’s Grocery in NYC was one of the coolest clubs we’ve ever played. The sound was great and there was tons of vibe… and it was New York!

Then it was just a short 9-hour drive home!

Can’t wait to do it again!

Truth Explosion

We feel honoured that Truth Explosion Magazine came out to our show at The Horseshoe. Here’s the original photo gallery and some of the highlights…

Recovery Child in Truth Explosion Magazine

A Couple Times At The Elmo…

A View From Below

A Long Time Ago…

Here are some cool photos of one of our first shows at The Reverb in Toronto.

Recording "Moments Not Worth Remembering"

One of the songs on the upcoming record is a solo acoustic tune recorded “live”. Most songs are recorded in layers – drums, then bass, then guitars, etc. – but this song was record with just Ryan and a guitar… and a lot of mics. Here are some photos!

Pedals & Guitars

The new record furthered our love affair with guitar pedals. Here’s just a sample of some that we were using…

… And of course, we love guitars…

Close & Live

This is a cool photo so we’re posting it again.


There’s not enough photos of Gord floating around…

For awhile there…

… Greg had a pretty wicked mohawk.


Rehearsal… time for us to translate the songs that we’ve recorded into something that we can play live.

Ryan Writing Lyrics

Here’s a cool pic of Ryan in the studio finishing up some lyrics.

For guitarists out there… check out the cool original 60’s Ampeg Gemini II that Ryan is sitting next to. The reverb and vibrato on that thing are incredible.

Some Old Posters

We dug up some of our old posters!

Winter Madness – Gallery 2

Winter Madness – Gallery 1