Recovery Child


Music with a higher purpose. For Toronto-based quartet Recovery Child (Ryan McCambridge – Vocals/Guitar, Greg McEvoy – Guitar, Logan Scott – Bass, and Gord Davidson – Drums), rock music is simply a matter of making music that bleeds passion and a deeper truth. Their aggressive brand of hook-laden alt-rock is as genuinely heartfelt as it is elevating.

The band planted their roots a half-decade ago in 2006 with their debut album, On Being And The Affect, which garnered media attention when they won the 97.7 HTZ-FMs (Astral Media) Rocksearch contest. But the band knew that they had only scratched the surface of their potential. After taking time to grow as a band, Recovery Child followed up in 2011 with their sophomore album, Afterimage, which was self-produced by McCambridge, the band’s principle songwriter and a former finalist in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The album “evokes that alt-rock spirit we lost in the past decade” according to Examiner, as their lead-off single “I Will Defend” rippled across the web, catching new fans from the first, emotional note. That set Recovery Child on a path to shows in Canada, the US, and Europe, proving that “they are a contender for major success” (!earshot), with their viciously poignant performances.

Twenty-thirteen will see the release of their third album, Contrarian, which the band sites as the sister album to Afterimage, and a continuing effort to hold true to the altruistic character that exists at the core of Recovery Child. It’s this spirit that comes out both lyrically and musically, as Recovery Child reminds us all that we are connected, fragile creatures, capable at times of feeling both incredible sadness and electrifying wonder. In this, they are truly the descendants of the nineties, grunge-rock movement.